The Robitschek Scholarship is a very competitive scholarship. Depending on a year the number of applicants can near 100. Compared with other scholarships the application process is fairly easy and quick. The big advantage is that the scholarship covers pretty much everything related to your studies. Which means that for 9 months you don’t have to worry about finances.

It covers:

  • Academic expenses (tuition for up to 14 credit hours per semester, plus fees), approx. $8,000
  • Required study materials, value may vary  
  • Health insurance, approx. $1,700
  • Accommodation and food (in dorms with the all-you-can-eat meal plan), approx. $8,700
  • Return flight ticket to Lincoln, approx. $1,500

Note: because of the tax treaty between the Czech Republic and the U.S. all of this is exempt from taxation

It does not cover:

  • Your possible travel expenses while in the U.S.
  • Summer tuition and summer housing (if you decide to stay after May)
  • Entertainment expenses (movies, parties etc.)