Paul Robitschek Scholarship History

Paul originally wanted to donate couple of millions to the Charles University in Prague. Altough Czech universities had been complaining about lack of funding nobody at the university would deal with Paul accordingly. Dissapointed he left Prague. After his return to the U.S. he sought an American university which would be willing to take his money. Greg Jensen from University of Nebraska Foundation recieved his letter in 1996 and that’s how the scholarship started.

Not everything run smoothly in the first years, but with every year the program got better and after couple of years it reached a standard where both participants and organizers were happy with.

The money which the University of Nebraska Foundation received from Paul have been invested and coming scholars are paid from the interest of the sum invested. Therefore the scholarship should exist for a long time to come.

After his bitter experience with the Charles University Paul preferred to look for participants at other institutions, but later this was put behind and now any Czech student is welcome to apply.

Since 1996 more than 30 Czech students recieved the scholarship. Many Robitschek alumni are studying and working around the world.