Questions related to work

Here you will find answers to questions people usually ask in relation to work. There is also some extra information related to work at the end of After School section. If you cannot find an answer here use the feedback form and ask us. We can then put the answer here and you may help others this way.

Where can I get a job?

You can get any job at the university or outside the university if it is related to your studies. For the university jobs see UNL Career Services site. You don’t have to care too much if it is labeled “work study” or not.

What job can I get?

At the campus you can do any job you get hired to do. You can easily find a job in a canteen or in catering and serve food as many Robitscheks have done in the past. However ask at your college and it may turn out they may want you to help them with some research etc.

When should I look for a job?

If you want to get a job start looking as soon as possible. Go online email some people and you might well find a job even before you get to Nebraska. Take advantage of the fact that you arrive before most U.S. students i.e. a lot of semester jobs are not still filled.