General Questions

Here you will find answers to questions people usually ask. If you cannot find an answer here use the feedback form and ask us. We can then put the answer here and you may help others this way.

How much money will I need?

It is not a bad idea to bring some money with you. However there was a student who came with 20 dollars in his pocket and still managed to survive perfectly well. Of course this depends on your willingness to get a job. (which you should try according to the program criteria)

What do I need extra money for?

Parties, movies, extra travel, gifts etc. Most of the stuff you need to live is provided for.

What should I bring?

Bring as little as you can. Most of the stuff you will need you can buy very cheap and there will be things that previous scholars left for you. In the past various things were left for next group of scholars. These included: radios, lamps, linen, pens, cosmetics, a computer…you get the idea. E-mail scholars who are in Nebraska if you want to know what they might be leaving or get surprised. Remember you will eventually need to go back and if you bring a lot of things it will be hard for you to bring all of them back or carry them around on your summer travels.

Will I need a car?

It would be nice to have one, but you don’t need it. Check transport section for more.