Quotes from Paul Robitschek Scholars

This is what some of the Robitschek alumni said about the program.

“I know more about America after one year in Nebraska than I would know after couple of years in New York or California.”
Ondrej Jurik, 2004-2005

“The Robitschek scholarship enabled me to get new experiences, live through adventures, meet great people, and get new knowledge and professional contacts.”
Kristina Holubkova,2002-2003

“Simply stated, my life in Nebraska was very exciting, and I always say living in Lincoln was the best year of my life.”
Pavel Kadera, 2001-2002

“I have to say that receiving a Robitschek scholarship was one of the best things that have happened in my life.”
Lukas Pechman, 2001-2002

“Being a Robitshek scholar opened doors to me, doors to make it a bit closer toward realizing my dreams of study and work in International Law.”
Tomas Balco, 1999-2000