Thinking about applying? Good. No doubt you will have the time of your life if you succeed. In order to be able to apply you need to meet the following scholarship criteria:

  1. You should be fluent in English (if you are reading this you’re probably okay)
  2. You should be willing to seek part-time employment to provide for your personal expenses (not required)
  3. You should be prepared to engage in regular communication with the program’s coordinators

And additional selection criteria:

  1. Demonstrated academic proficiency
  2. Demonstrated leadership experience
  3. Enthusiasm for experiencing American free-market economics and culture
  4. Demonstrated goals for applying this experience in their future academic and professional careers in the Czech Republic

Do I qualify?

Somewhere on the Robitschek official website you will find other requirements, but note that your situation will always be specific and as long us you demonstrate the above criteria the rest is not as important.

The scholarship was established before the Czech Republic joined the EU and also at the time when Bachelor degrees were not as common and it seems that the official rules still reflect that. However the selection committee will always look at your specific situation.

The selection committee will look at any interesting applicant, so don’t get caught in little details and rather ask yourself: why should you be the next Robitschek Scholar?

APPLY (Scroll on the site & find section Robitschek Scholarship)