Communication & Equipment

In this section you can find more about what equipment, communication and services are available to you while at UNL


You do not have to bring a computer with you. There are computers everywhere and you will have no problem finding a free one 24 hours a day. Of course if you can bring your laptop that may help. But if you need a laptop once in a while you may also borrow one – like a book from a library (check this website).

Buying a new computer might be cheaper in the United States than it is in the Czech Republic. Look at UNL’s Computer Store, Bestbuy, Apple Store etc.


There will be a good and fairly reliable internet wi-fi connection available in your dorm room. Most services (browsing, Skype, ftp etc.) work just fine.

You can purchase an internet cable in the UNL Computer Shop which is located in the City Union. Connecting to the internet via cable tends to work better than through wifi.

In addition to room connections there is wireless internet almost everywhere on the campus.


Skype is probably the cheapest option to call home.

If you want to use your Czech mobile, you will need a tri-band phone. However GSM coverage is only good around big cities and tourist resorts. Americans use mostly non-GSM phones.

As a student you can get a special deal on a cell-phone with a monthly plan from the UNL Computer and Phone Shop in the City Union.

Pay-as-you-go tariffs are not at all that popular in the States. Nonetheless you can buy prepaid sim card which will work with your (unlocked) phone from home and you will still have OK coverage in Lincoln. In the past students used sim cards from Trackfone or H20 Wireless. The best place to buy these sim cards is in BestBuy.


America is defined by TV. You can learn as much from watching it as from talking to people. That is of course if you believe that TV is no evil:). Chances are your roommate will have one, but if not you can get an old one for couple bucks or buy a card for your laptop. You will already have access to about 80 channels in your room. In Selleck, every floor has its own TV lounge where you can watch TV. Soon you will discover that TV shows, movies and football account for up 80%. of all conversation. That is why you may want to be up to speed. There is couple shows you should know about:



  • Local news: 6pm & 10pm on Channnel 8 & 11
  • National news: 5:30pm CBS, ABC & NBC

Night talk shows

TIP: Exercise in the Rec Center and watch TV while doing it. You will feel so American!:)

As far as news and politics goes you may soon be disilussioned. Fortunatelly PBS and National Public Radio exist. These may correct your view little bit.