Although the scholarship is administered so that you never have to deal with any real money you may still need to take care of your finances. And even though you might not get a job you should still file tax return in April.

Bank Account

If you plan on getting a job you will need a bank account, so your employer can ôdirect depositö your money to your account.
It is not hard to get an account at all.

TIP: You may want to make some money while opening your account. Most banks will give you $10 or so if you bring them another customer (ask them about it). So get together with other Robitschek scholars and you can make couple bucks for nothing.

WellsFargo bank is on campus and they can link your account to your student card. If you are lucky you will be able to get a credit card, which can help you if you plan on renting a car (if you rent using Visa Wellsfargo credit card then you are usually covered by an insurance, but read small print).

Union Bank is located in the Nebraska Bookstore and it has some good deals for students.


Filling your taxes can take a while, but International Affairs can fill all the forms for you if you are in Nebraska. They usually do this couple week before tax deadline which is in mid April.

The Czech Republic and the United States have a tax treaty. Thanks to this treaty a Czech student does not have to pay any taxes from his/her scholarship. In addition you can earn up to $5000 dollars every year tax free. This goes on top of (approx. $3200) which every U.S. person is entitled to. Therefore unless you earn more than $8.200 a year you won’t have to pay any taxes. However you still have to file federal and local tax forms. If you paid some taxes this will be returned to you.