Paul RobitschekWELCOME to the Paul Robitschek Scholarship website. This website is run by the program’s alumni and its aim is to promote the scholarship program and help those who think about applying and to those who were already accepted. This website is a tribute to the man who started this wonderful program and who made it possible for many of us to spend an unforgettable year in the United States. Thanks Paul!

And thanks to Greg Jensen! Greg helped Paul to establish the scholarship program and brought it to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Today, its Alan Cerveny, Larry Routh and Jake Hoy-Elswick who administer the program.

What is next?

Some ideas on where we could take this site next:

  • there should be a private area where alumni could share their contact details
  • video which Martina produced in 2005 could go online
  • photo gallery could be provided so new Robitscheks would have a place to put their photos online and share them with the world
  • forum could be established for discussions

These are just ideas. Maybe you have some too(?). Let us know!


Anybody who has anything to do with the scholarship can contribute to this site. You can do so by using the feedback form.